How to choose right book to learn English for beginners.

How to choose right book to learn English for beginners:-

There are many books available in market which claims to help you to learn English without hassle but I didn't found them helpful as they were trying to make you a parrot.

No worry I found a book very useful which helps to understand and learn English language if you can read Hindi and know normal English.

Please checkout the following Link :-

Price is very normal if you purchase the Kindle Ebook Edition.You can purchase hardcover/paperback as well. The price of Hardcover & Paperback is higher but that's negligible in comparison to the quality of the book.

I purchased this book for my friend as she is not much familiar with English.  She found this book very helpful and able to learn English in easy way without any help.

As per my view it's very useful for all the beginners and the people with less vocabulary. Guys don't wait and start learning English from today and get ready to challenge the world with your knowledge.  Kudos!!!

Please checkout the following Link :-

क्या व्यक्ति की उम्र के आधार पर उसकी प्रत्येक बात को महत्व देना चाहिए ?

नमस्कार दोस्तों, हमारे समाज में अक्सर ये कहा जाता है कि फलाने ताऊ ,फलाने चाचा या अन्य कोई परिवार का सदस्य उम्र में आपसे बहुत बड़ा है तो उसकी ...