Know the Rules,Save your money:-New Motor Vehicle Act 2019

What if traffic rules are violating by enforcing Authorities?

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The past few days have seen a lot of buzz around the updated motor vehicle act 2019 as well as the new traffic rules and hefty challans it now includes. 

At the bottom of this post you can see new traffic fines for violations.

The conversation around it further intensified when a Two wheeler was slapped with a fine of ₹23,000 for multiple violations .

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So, yes, the country is finally sitting up and taking notice of the traffic laws it has consistently ignored so far.

Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act were passed by the Parliament recently but most have come into effect from September 1, 2019. This means that driving errors are going to make a huge dent in your monthly budget and some of them may cost you the same or more than your monthly fuel bill. 
The transport ministry issued a notification on August 28, 2019 listing out all the laws that have come into effect from September 1, 2019.

For now only 63 clauses from the Bill that seeked to amend the original Act have been implemented in India. And these 63 clauses tend to a variety of aspects, including vehicle fitness, protection of Good Samaritan, cab aggregators, driver training, and, of course, road safety.

So, if you too want to stay updated in this context, let's take a look at the list of new traffic fines for violations.

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