Is Nivea Cream best for all types of skin ?

 Best and Budget cream with high results!! See all the differences.
Reviewed in India on 27 December 2019
Style: Pack of 1Pattern: Multi Purpose Creme
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My Story is very funny about the  experience with this valuable Cream.

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My GF now wife told me about her skin problem. She tried many famous creme but no result. Then I took responsibility to find-out a suitable creme for her. 
I am a regular user of Amazon so I tried to find out the suitable cream on Amazon.The reviews of the products are very helpful.

I spent almost 5 days( more than 12 hours) to read different kind of reviews to find out the exact cream. Finally I stopped my search on this NIVEA Crème, All Season Multi-Purpose Cream, 200ml and placed the order on 20 January 2017.
She found it very useful after some usage and now we are regular user of this creme.

Really Amazing Cream. If you are a family of 5 it's 200ml pack is sufficient to fulfill the winter season in North India.

My skin is oily but later I started using on her request and the results are best . So it's all Skin Types. No matter what type of skin you have.

She use it in every season then I came to know that it's All Season Multi-Purpose Cream. That's also the best part.

Initially I found it sticky but now I am habitual and the results are superb. For best results you must follow the proper procedure to use it.
Step 1:-
Scoop product with clean hands.
Step 2:-
Rub it on your palms to spread evenly.
Step 3:-
Gently massage all over your face and body.
Step 4:-
Use daily for soft, smooth skin.

For more better results use it in night(or anytime) before go to bed. Simply wash your face and hand gently then apply the cream as per the steps mentioned above.

I don't recommend to use it before party or any occasion because you may feel sticky. For better results kindly follow the process explained above.
If you use this cream properly before go to bed, you will not require the lip balm as well because it will keep your lips smooth.
NIVEA Creme is a good moisturizer. However, it is sticky and looks greasy on oily skin. If you have oily skin, you can't handle it in summer everytime however it can be used in night before bed.

Some people think that it will help you to change the color of your skin but it's not fact. NIVEA never claimed that.
(except whitening and tanning lotions) do not have any influence on the colour of the skin. So don't think more about that. However it will give smooth tone to the face which is plus point.

I didn't see anyone having issues with this cream . In case you feel burning, stinging, redness, or irritation persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly.

Overall it's best and budget cream. Simply use it as per the prescribed procedure and get best results.


The main difference between NIVEA Creme and NIVEA Soft is their formula.

NIVEA Creme is a water-in-oil emulsion.

This means it contains a number of water droplets embedded in oil. As a result, your skin first receives intensive care from the outer oil phase and then is supplied with moisture.

In contrast, NIVEA Soft is an oil-in-water emulsion.

This formula contains small oil droplets that have been embedded in water. So, your skin absorbs the outer water phase of NIVEA Soft quickly and makes your skin feel instantly refreshed and moist.

Following this, the fine oil droplets care for your skin.


Firstly, NIVEA Creme and NIVEA Soft are suitable for every skin type. Your personal skincare needs and preferences will influence which product you need.


This luscious and thick cream is perfect for the following skincare needs:

Your skin needs overall intensive and rich care.
You have particularly dry areas of skin, such as your elbows, knees, hands or feet.
Your lips need an extra boost of moisture.
Your face breaks out in extremely dry, red patches.


This moisturiser is easier to spread and is ideal some other skin care needs, including:

Your entire body needs moisturising following a shower.
You need a fast absorbing moisturiser for on the go.
Your face requires light weight hydration.
You need a convenient daily hand cream.

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